Real estate developer / investor

For developers and builders

We Design and Sell

We help you through the process of designing the home. Choosing themes, Colors, Cabinets, Lighting, Floors and Tops, designing the kitchen and bathrooms. Finally we stage the home and get it ready to sell. We handle the selling transaction, we guide the buyers throughout the
process of right material selections and timelines if needed.

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For Investors identifying potential properties for flips and potential incomes

We find on-and-off-market properties, long term rentals, or flips. Provide you with all the resources you need to update or simply remodel the home. We negotiate contracts and terms and set up staging in achieving to sell or lease the home. From New Construction to guiding your buyers through the right contracts, material selections, and timelines.

We offer:

Design and Staging

Updating and staging your home is crucial to how fast and best your home sells. We help you get your home to look most updated and most beautiful so it sells for its most value.

New construction

We design and sell. We specialize in staging and marketing a home. We work with buyers on material selection, and then we handle the complete selling transaction. We design and sell new construction single homes.